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Gardening Services in Dorset

Gardening Services in Dorset

There are many different garden services that we can offer.

Below is a breakdown of each service and a brief description of the job.

Tidying – Collecting and getting rid of debris, sweeping and clearing leaves, decluttering a shed, etc…

Jet Washing – Using a jet wash to clear off patios or decking, very good at getting it cleaned.

Sourcing & Supplying – Finding the specific plants that would be suited for your individual garden.

Gutter Cleaning – Using ladders to get to the guttering and removing any debris that has collected which could cause leaks or blockages.

Waste Removal – Clearing and safely disposing of general waste.

Feature Maintenance – If you have a fountain or other feature, we can offer cleaning or restoring.

Lawn Care – Lawn mowing and strimming to create that perfect cut lawn.

Border Work – digging, strimming and general tidy up to protect existing plants or creating space for fresh ones.

Hedge Cutting – Cutting back in order to create access or just for a smarter look.

Mulching – This is adding an organic protective layer to the border made of grass compost and straw.

Decorative Borders – Laying bark, chippings or gravel to suit your garden design.

Turfing – Adding a layer of turf to create a ready made lawn.

Raised Planters – Building the planters and then filling with compost ready for planting.

Weeding – removing invasive and unwanted species of plants in your garden.

These are not the only gardening services we offer

please don’t hesitate to contact me if what you need doing is not on this page and i’m sure I will be able to assist.